2013 London Fashion Week, the fourth day of the spring and summer

Erdem 2013 spring and summer series than in the past women even more strong, like visitors from outer space science fiction heroine, this season’s inspiration comes from the work of science fiction writer Zenna Henderson in 1950, he envisaged that this group of women from outside the planet, the brandthe signature lace wild snake pattern stitching, creating a distinctive color combinations, this is the designer to express sensational color mixing seemingly terror, but in such a strong color contrast,theme we can understand the kind of contradiction, PVC fabric hand embroidery, subtle jacquard design and slim waistline, so we are in an alien world to find a little poetic aesthetic.


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Users shopping experience

Portobello Road flea market is actually made up of three different market, all open only three market every Saturday.
1, the southern tip – antique market
Portobello Road flea market from the subway station, but also visitors to the main purpose. The antique market is open only on Saturdays. There are hundreds of stalls in Portobello Road antiques market, antiques from around the world, you can see everything from Roman times to the 1960s.

2, the north continue to walk, the transition to a major food market services for local people, and sells a variety of fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese and other food, may wish to buy some snacks to eat here.
3, went to the northernmost is located in the flea market of second-hand goods in the West Road viaduct [Westway], on Fridays and Saturdays, there will be very lively, hawkers selling a variety of goods, from some decorations, gadgets to fashion everything.


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European and American actress summer wardrobe mini backpack

Mini bags for their miniature stature, small sense of volume in the summer to shape less many burdens, no bloated feeling naturally Look seem cool many. With inventory 2012 summer small mulberry alexa bag sale are in the European and American star wardrobe chain “small sachet”, smile 囧 package today, Kate – Potts Voss (Kate Bosworth) personal brand JewelMint stylist Cher Coulter launch metal a small backpack …… the star demonstration which brand bags do you think Q just instantly Meng to you? I want to buy mulberry alexa handbag.


Early autumn big new handbag Preview

Fashion is better than life to go one step ahead of hot summer has just begun shortly, early autumn fashion items on the overwhelming volume came! Major brand will also be launched in the early autumn, what bag? Xiaobian look at it! mulberry alexa handbag uk hobo handbag black soft leather material, simple elegant style mulberry alexa bag in leopard fans and then set off a buying frenzy, soft leather handbags no matter at what occasions is very suitable for Oh! Patent leather bag classic is not bad, it seems that each new season has a patent leather figure, and above a bag similar simple design and generous LOGO design also makes this bag has become a fashion choice.


MULBERRY 2009 autumn and winter women’s, interpretation of the British “bad girl”

MULBERRY season use very different tactics, deep and gorgeous, interpretation England rebellious youth! Beautiful deep tones Xuanliang colors together define the theme of this season – a little evil, a little eccentric, this is prada saffiano lux tote bag.

prada saffiano red lux tote girl like all kinds of style easily mix together: lovely sexy zipper low V bow Zhitong Qun, together with tough leather jacket wearing, as the flagship of the washing ginger the yellow sheepskin fisheries Fupi jacket, or Emerald indispensable color sexy short leather jacket. She not only type cool, sexy, changeable, and confident moment outpouring of international fashion taste, while maintaining the the British eclectic and avant-garde style.

Main shape of the season, such as the Jackie Onasis met Miss Jean Brodie, a collection of the noble and romantic one. Elegant ultra-soft angora upright jacket, attach vintage metal jewelry, with the most popular tulip skirt, feeling invulnerable. Oversized bow season T-shirt with a cartoon flavor theme, the knitting straight bow dress and a pretty bow Hood, all the best interpretation.

Knit side, it can not not mention India enthusiasm bunny loose V-neck sweater and a neutral cardigan sweater, like uniforms, fine ribbed weave, easy to match, is definitely another perfect prada saffiano lux tote in black jacket choice.

Other single product, including fresh color cotton iron knight trousers, back bow wide pants, rayon twill jacket with rabbit fur hat, coat of Eskimo zipper, neutral ultra-soft sheepskin vintage flight jacket cobalt blue silk jacquard quilted upright jacket and printed with “ghost tree” of silk Yuanqun.

Ladies’ necessary color this season, with burnt orange and ginger brown (the latest fall in neutral tones!), Cobalt blue with blue ink, bright purple and beautiful gray, purple and forest berry color. The green and scarlet is representative of the season’s colors.

Pattern this season “ghost tree”, “insects”, “bad apple” and “dry Rose, comprehensive hand-painted, ink dye and photographic techniques, show gorgeous evil. These patterns at first glance is sweet typical English style, but a closer close look, has been eroded black beetles and insects!

The season’s focus on the fabric, including the most popular double-sided artificial wool, exclusive classic Plaid, thicker silk mixed with man-made fibers, processed flatten folder cotton and vintage leather, washed lambskin and soft sheepskin, akin like creamy butter.

Mulberry ice cream handbag

Season, prada saffiano lux tote brown Verhoeven again later to design a transparent handbags, Mulberry colorful ice cream pattern with a strong post-modern graffiti style, full of imagination. The prices are also very close to the people, equivalent to only about 1,000 yuan.
Queen prada saffiano calf leather tote Also a hot homeopathic launched through chocolate color to your summer add light and Baotou charm.

Mulberry launch of the new Alexa Bag Topics with style

The prada blue nylon bag has always been a brand world of Italy and France, the other national brand in among a seat is never easy, English Mulberry is a small number of successful examples. Since a few years ago, successfully revived, the brand won the sought after supermodel tide season brand inspired by the recent popularity explosion lights the British It Girl Alexa Chung, the introduction of the new prada nylon bags sale season to become the handbag industry’s most topics for .
Re-interpretation of classic bags
To introduce prada nylon bag tote, first introduced the brand’s classic handbags of Bayswater. Brand when it relied on a Bayswater handbag by Kate Moss, supermodel star blitz, the success that the brand revived, Bayswater has since become the brand’s Hero the Product. Quarterly brand will launch the new of Bayswater handbag styles improvement evolved into another style, above quarter brands to promote the flat body of prada black nylon shoulder bag, but men also have a giant version of Piccadily.
Heat of the long shoulder strap design
Season the brand at the helm Emma Hill in recent years, popular VIVA England It Girl Alexa Chung-inspired re-interpretation of the new prada nylon bag blue. It is said that Emma one day to see the Alexa took a photo of an old Mulberry men’s briefcase Elkington, a type to be very, very, will be as inspired by the masculine lines of the briefcase, and then to draw on the advantages of Bayswater, left to change the right to change “obtained under Alexa Bag. Alexa classical and soft buffalo hide made the difference is that the bag surface with metal buckle straps and accompanied by a long strap can be used as the long side Me bags hot in recent years. Available in two sizes, from the classic brown, blue and black, eye-catching pink leopard, or the taste of summer pale pink has Qi.
Spring and summer amusement theme
Spring and summer clothing line to the playground as the theme, the merry-go pattern and flowers and other patterns, printed on clothing montage and an abstract approach. The main style sections of the pattern Puff dress and the kilt decorated with a bow, and another classic Biker Jacket and fisheries Fupi jacket with soft pink washing leather. Aspects of prada men bag uk, Mitzy, Daria, Ava and Bayswater gorgeous leather to create, and decorated with embossed pattern of studs or wrong, most are using bright colors and even leopard and other eye-catching design, full of summer color.

Target Department Store jointly Mulberry launch of new handbags

Target department store (Target) is located in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA prada bag online sale, with 1330 stores in 47 states, positioning senior discount retailer, Target department store (Target) is the fourth-largest retailer in the United States. Target department store (Target) and a number of fashion designers and fashion brands, including: the famous architect Michael Graves, Mossimo Giannulli, Fiorucci, Liz Lange, fashion handbags designer Joy Gryson, fashion designer Isaac Mizr cooperation, and Converse (Converse), Apple (Apple iPods), Sony (Sony), Nintendo (Nintendo), co-operation of the well-known fashion brands, to provide affordable fashion products alone belong to the Target department store (Target).
This time, the Target department store (Target) got prada black nylon tote, two joint cooperation for the first time, launched a total of 8 bags, including the classic package of Mulberry (Mulberry) bag Bayswater produced a modeled. All 8 bags are priced at less than 400 Hong Kong dollars. This package will be October 10th at the Target department store (Target) sell, or you can visit the Target department store (Target) official website Target.com, and December 24, Kusakabe frame.


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Mulberry 11/12 Winter London Women New

London, England local time on February 20, prada nylon handbag black London Fashion Week released the 2011/2012 autumn and winter women’s collection. Mulberry this season of new products aimed at in-depth mining of the excellent British style, this season’s design inspiration is a family comedy from the 2009 animated film “The Great Fox. The sixties and seventies shiny long coat has ignited a wave of retro duffel coat with a furry coat with flowing chiffon skirt to reduce the increase in winter laden Smart breath. In the season of new flowers folds, cake skirt, pleated seam skirt colorful feathered bird pattern and the abstract animal prints, printing, and filled with a solid sense of retro scarf is not only warm and nice.


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2012 Winter London Fashion Week Mulberry gas field fur lady

What is the most exciting in the the prada blue nylon tote whole a show, that is, fur and belts. The fur of exquisite design show in the autumn and winter show a perfectionist, has a multi-color sense of the changes, and the splicing of different materials will be more gorgeous visual effects. Belt of the clever use of the show will be more prominent women’s curves, even in the bloated autumn and winter days, the magnificent turn of the women is also a noble and charming. Of course, I also see the the Mulberry largest hot new autumn and winter bags.
Color may give more of our fall and winter surprise, the ginger vivid colors, color, bright luster of gold, silver, after the evolution of black, bring us how to sense of focus of attention? Even the luxury of fur, ultimately, cotton handsome street sense, lace alternative soft show, that the lady has a passion full of personality wearing. More variable in style, practical and full of fur coats, jackets, fur vests, hooded-style coat, cape-style jacket and knitted sweater … here in the autumn and winter warmth practical single product to get new practical to show.


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